VACON NX products for common DC bus systems – Providing ultimate flexibility

Vacon offers a comprehensive range of common DC bus drive products. The product family covers a number of front-end units, inverter units and brake chopper units in the entire power range up to 2.2 MW and from 380 V to 690 V.

The drive components are built on the Vacon NX technology. Common DC bus components are used in a multitude of combinations. In a typical DC bus configuration, the drives controlling braking can transfer the energy directly to the motoring drives.


  • Full power range of 0.55 kW to 2.2 MW
  • Voltage range of 380V to 690V
  • Five built-in expansion slots for additional I/0, fieldbus and functional safety boards
  • Low harmonic regenerative front end/ cost effective non-regenerative front end
  • Compact drive modules and easy integration to cabinets


  • A comprehensive range of common DC bus drive products
  • Same software tool and control option boards maximize utilization of NXP features over wide power range
  • Compact and easy-to-install option boards mean no additional modules required
  • Drive system configurations keep overall investment costs low.
  • Regenerative filter means excessive braking energy can be fed back into network
  • Optimized module design reduces need for additional engineering and saves cabinet space

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